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Pancho's just finished 2 "Hot Rods" for customers.  The first is a "turn Key" 358 Triple X used Sprint Car that will be raced at Lincoln Speedway and the second was to a different customer that wanted a Brand new 2015 Rocket CHassis late model built for him to race at Williams Grove and Hagerstown Speedways - both proudly built by Pancho's.
We specialize in custom built race cars - new, used, Sprint Car or Late Model 
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RYAN SMITH's 2015 Ride
The #94 Rob Warko owned 410 Sprint Car was one of the nicest cars at the 2015 Motorsports Show in Oaks, PA.  Ryan's girlfriend Lauren, makes the car look even better while posing for the picture.  We would like to Thank Ryan, Kevin, Rob, Lauren, and the rest of the 94 crew for bring their new Triple X race car to the show to be displayed in our booth.  Also Ryan took part in the Sprint Car EZ Set Up Seminar that was hosted by Pancho during the show.


Picture of the 305 Triple X Sprint Car that we just completed.  We had an "EZ" Butler Seat, Ultra-Shield Belts, OTP Tach, Hershey's 305 Racing Engine, the Black Out WELD Wheels, PRO Shocks, Auto-Meter Gauges, Black Out Bumpers, Tail Tank Painted By North York Auto Menders, Decals done by Delco Designs, & a Candy Blue Powder Coated Triple X Wedge Chassis!
More Pictures on the 'New Cars' tab of the website.

"BLACK OUT" Radius Rod KIT
Complete Car KIT - (12) aluminum heims in Black, (12) thin jam nuts (now available in black), (6) Black swedged Radius Rods in the size to fit your car.  This Kit will do the emtire car, it is a great value and even a good idea for spares in the trailer!
Black Out Radius Rod CAR KIT................$199.50 

BLACK Out" Set Up Blocks
Adjustable Black Aluminum Set Up Blocks come with the heights you need to Square up your car AND the heights you need to Set Up yur car for 'Race Trim' - These blocks are sized in 1/4" increments and are sold as a SET of 2 (rear or front).  These 'Rite Hite' Blacks are the Best Blocks made, they fit right, measure right, and have the magnets on the bottom to keep them on the frame! 
SET of Front Adjustable Blocks........$74.95  SALE
SET of Rear Adjustable Blocks..........$84.95  SALE

TRIPLE X "Frame & Body KIT"
The BEST PERFORMING CHASSIS in the Country is on SALE at PANCHO's!  For a Limited time, the Triple XXX 87/40 Wedge chassis and over the rail Body KIT is on SALE - why?  WHY NOT is the question, we want our customers to be successful on the track!  This "Wedge Frame & Body KIT" Includes:  87/40 Triple X Wedge Chassis, 1" raised rail, safety cage on left side, straight bar on the right, Aluminum Floor Pan with header sides, Aluminum Front Roll Pan air deflector, Complete over the rail Fiberglass Body Kit (nose, hood, alumnium hood plates, lower radius rod covers, Left safety cage arm gaurd, Right side Arm Gaurd).
Complete Frame & Body KIT is ..........$2,599.90  ON SALE Only at PANCHO's!
"make your life easier for $129.90"

Factory Pancho's Sprint Car Brake Line KIT
This Factory Pancho's Sprint Car SOFT Brake line kit is made up of 9 pcs, #3 brake line black Kevlar coated with #3 Aluminum Black ends, specifically made to fit sprint car chassis.  This will increase the brake pressure and use the same size fittings that you have always used.  Kit Includes: Front brake line, M/c to rear bulkhead line, both bulkheaed fittings front & rear w/ AN nuts, front flex brake line to caliper, & rear flex brake line to rear caliper!  An Awesome Kit at at super Price, Made in the USA.
 Brake Line KIT........$129.90

New for Pancho's is our Exclusive "Rocket Factory Parts" 

2015 -  Pancho's will stock all of the Factory Parts you need for your Rocket Late Model.  From Rocket Spindles to the small machined spacers for the 4-Link Rods to Factory Rocket Bumpers to the Collapsable Steering shaft - look for ALL of you Factory Rocket Parts - IN STOCK at Pancho's

"BLACK OUT" Pancho's Car
We used the Weld Black Out Wheel kit, New style Engine cover plates, Top Flight Black Out Wings, Black Out Radius Rod car kit, Black Wing Mount Kit, and the Pancho's Black Bumper kit.  This car is a very sweet looking, professionally built 305 Sprint Car - Turn Key.

Above is the Race Ready Pancho's "Black Out" 305 Sprint Car

Above you can see the New "Engine Covers" Kit
(The Engine Covers are $48.00 for the 2pc side kit) - available for both sides

ROLLER KIT.......$15,395.00

Pancho's 2015 Roller KIT is a Brand New offer for the 2014/ 2015 rebuild season, discounted for the Roller Package!

2015 Pancho's ROLLER KIT includes: Triple X WEDGE 87/40 chassis - powder coated, complete fiberglass body, radiator tray and air soop, WELD front NBL wheels, WELD Left Rear & Right rear beadlock wheels, FuelSafe 28 gallon tail tank assembly, Black aluminum 15" steering wheel with Q/R hub, KSE Gen2 half box steering unit, KSE HPD p/s pump, BRMS steering lines, Black angle broached pitman arm, Black steering locator w/ built in MPD fuel on/off valve, 1/2 box mount in black,  hydraulic wing cylinder with wing valve black hose kit, black adjustable wing tree, Black T Posts, Black front wing posts & rear straps, Chalk Stix torsion bars (4), Black AllStar Performance Front & Rear Torsion Arms with (2) steel moly hardened heims, (4) Steel torsion stops, (8) zemco plastic torsion bushings, Complete CAR KIT Black radius rods/ black aluminum heim ends/ thin steel jam nuts, complete black out Front Axle Assembly, Wilwood LF & Inboard Brake calipers with poly matrix pads, Pancho's custom soft brake line kit, Black 32mm birdcage set with steel collar spacers, Wilwood inboard brake rotor with floater bracket and spacer, Winters Blacked out 4.12 long spline rear end with black axle nuts, steel torque ball housing and ball with aluminum torque tube and steel hollow drive shaft, rear lightweight aluminum motor plate black, full Grade 8 Pancho's Car Bolt Kit for assembly, Stainless Steel Bumper kit (rear, nerf set, front bumper), Brake Pedal, gas pedal, master cylinder with brake spring kit, 2 gauge set (water & oil) in a dzus in panel, Black W Link assembly, In line #12an fuel filter, aluminum floor pan and dash, Aeroquip #6, 8, &12 AN Fuel lines for entire cockpit and the AN Fittings to put on the in cockpit lines, Ultra Shield Set of 5 point seat belts, draglink w/ heims, drag link tether, black shifter & cable.
This ROLLER KIT only does not include tires, seat, radiator.
ROLLER KIT.......$15,395.00

 "Retro" PANCHO's Racing Products
T-SHIRTS are Here!
$15.00 .......Each

NEW "Trucker Pancho's HATS.......$15.00
Hoodie Sweatshirts.............................$33.50


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Here is a look at the cockpit of a Pancho's prepared Sprinter.
Brown & Miller Hoses, Kinsler Tuff Pump, Titanium Gas Pedal, KSE Gen2 Black steering unit & HPD Black pump, XXX Lightweight Blackout rear motor plate, Smith Titanium Motor bolts, Blackout Heel riser, Winters steel Torque Ball assembly w/ coated ball, Winters Blackout 61 Torque Tube, Waterman Fuel Valve with XXX Steering bracket.