Wylie Race Car- 2016

2016 Wylie Race Car, Frame is clear powdercoated, has 20 races on it, driven by Jeremy Miller.  Coplete body Body w/  body braces, Complete front suspension with Wilwood Black out Hubs,  Bearings and races, Wilwood rotors, Keyser Bearing uppers, Precision Ball joints, all FK heims on car, Wilwood LW pedals and mastercylinders,  gas pedal, all hardware and  Bolt kits, DMI Bulldog Rear 4.12 Theraml black coated ( this rear has 30 laps since new tubes are checked with billet o-ring rear cover, black Double Shear Whers birdcages, 4 link rods and FK Heims,J bar  slider mount,  Pinion mount with high dollar Whers Alum Lift Bar, 5th coil kit, 6th coil kit, Rear Wilwood  hubs and rear rotors. Woodward Power Steering steering rack and tie rods, fan shroud and radiator mount kit.  Extra Hoods, Doors and deck panels, front fenders and Fornt bumper and door bars.  Simpson Seat Quick Car Extreme Gauge panel, Collapsable steering shaft and steering wheel, -  Call for more details,  No Trades. - This is a very Good PRICE!
PRICE is .....$7,999.99
(SEE Late Model 'Cars' tab for many more pictures)
Brand New 2017 XR-1 Rocket For Sale
Details: 2017 XR-1 Rocket Chassis with Full Factory Rocket Built body, tub HD Deck, Deck Doors, MD3 Nose and Rockers, Brake lines with 3 wheel shut off, Flex Brake lines also, master disconnect, Silver Driver Cockpit, Blue Deck and body - Red roof and windows, RED MD3 Rockers,  Complete XR1 Rocket Factory Body w/ powdercoated body braces, XR1 Complete front suspension with Wilwood Black out Front Hubs, Rem Coated Bearings and races,  Howe Bearing uppers, Howe Extreme Ball joints, all Auroura heims on car, Wilwood LW pedals and mastercylinders, Coleman bearing gas pedal, all hardware and Rocket Bolt kits,  Billet J-Bar, 1 hole slide mount,  Lift Bar, 5th coil kit, 6th coil kit, Battery cables, Quick Car Switch Panel, Sweet Power Steering rack and tie rods, fan shroud and radiator mount kit. Shifter handle kit Call for more details, entire car Brand New.  No Trades.
PRICE is .....$20,831.00

NEW 2017 "XP3" Pancho's Sprint Car is Almost Finished!!
Stay Tuned!

PANCHO's is your #1 Sprint Car Store in the East.  We strive to bring you the Best quality Parts and Chassis at the very Lowest Prices - and to have it In Stock for you the Racer!
Come see our large expansive showroom and you will see the difference!  OR Call us and you will hear our Years of Open Wheel Knowledge.

RENEGADE Toterhome,

 Irvin Smith Pit Box. Size is 70" long, 54"tall, 34" deep ready to go and storage.  CALL for more Details of all it has.
Lower PRICE ...... $1,495.00
"make your life easier"

 Sprint Car Brake Line KIT
This  Pancho style Sprint Car SOFT Brake line kit is made up of 9 pcs, #3 brake line black Kevlar coated with #3 Aluminum Black ends, specifically made to fit sprint car chassis.  This will increase the brake pressure and use the same size fittings that you have always used.  Kit Includes: Front brake line, M/c to rear bulkhead line, both bulkheaed fittings front & rear w/ AN nuts, front flex brake line to caliper, & rear flex brake line to rear caliper!  An Awesome Kit at at super Price, Made in the USA.
 Brake Line KIT........$129.90

"BLACK OUT" Radius Rod KIT
Complete Car KIT - (12) aluminum heims in Black, (12) thin jam nuts (now available in black), (6) Black swedged Radius Rods in the size to fit your car.  This Kit will do the emtire car, it is a great value and even a good idea for spares in the trailer!
Black Out Radius Rod CAR KIT................$ 199.50 
BRAND NEW SEAT at Pancho's ...$545.00

New Ultra-Shield Full Containment Seat - available in hole sizes - 14", 15", 16", 17"
Comes with Black Cover
Priced at .........  $545.00

Available at Pancho's in BLACK.....
Black Seat and Black Cover.....
CARBON FIBER.......Cool!

BRAND New "Carbon Fiber" BRAKE Pedal

Priced at .........  $130.00

PANCHO's Racing Products

Here they are!  Winters "SILVER" Front Hubs!
Comes with both Front Hubs, 2 center caps, 4 angle hub bearings, 2 hub seals, 10 Wheel studs and flat flange style nuts.
Package Price at $224.00
PANCHO's Racing Products

You want Quality.... We have IT... WELD WHEELS.

Blacked OUT, Polished, Black Centers, Gold Centers, Inside Beadlock LR, Outside Beadlock RR, Mudcovers to Match!
Front Wheels 8-9" ..............$195.00
Rear Wheels  ...............$479.00
YES - we have them IN STOCK!

PANCHO's Racing Products

Our goal at Pancho's is to bring you the customer the Best Products at the Best Prices, with the
Best most knowledgeable Customer Service.......Try Us you will not be disappointed.

We Race also, so its in our blood, sweat, and tears every weekend..at a Dirt Track!
Above Picture: Cory Lawler at Path Valley/ Rahmer Promotions Race - Finished 11th in A-main - 44 cars)

PANCHO's Racing Products

2017 BRAND NEW 26ft Extra Height Sprint Trailer
Yes the Price is Right!  $17,995.00  Brand New - United Expressline 26 ft enclosed trailer, extra Height, custom wheels, fully decked out inside - 3ft carpeted walls, white walls, Factory cabinets and workbench across the front, swing out rear Spot Lights, full lighting interior, vinyl floor with D ringsa for car and 4 wheeler, Side Door, and Aluminum flip ramp.  This Trailer is worth every penny!
IN STOCK at Pancho's - $17,995.00

PANCHO's Racing Products

At Pancho's we stock all the "right" parts and tools to make your
Sprint Car Turn LEFT!

KSE Gen2 Half Box Steering Units - both standard and Lightweight in Black Out ir Silver, HPD kse power steering pumps, Dirt Shield Mounting brackets, Light Weight 1/2 box side mounts, BRMS Steering hoses (already in the correct lengths and ends), o-ring fittings, Angle broached Pitman Arms in various lengths and colors, MPI Steering wheels and Sweet/ Joe's steering wheels, Q/R couplers from KSE, GME, Wilwood, all of the allen bolt mounting hardware, top steering brackets - bolt on, clamp on, for MPD or Waterman Fuel Shut Offs, 1/2 box Knee pads, Full Box Knee Pads - and Carbon FIber Pads. 
At Pancho's we try to have all and any of your Sprint Car STEERING Needs Met - Stop by or CALL!

PANCHO's Racing Products
PANCHO's Racing Products

PANCHO's Racing Products

Cory placed 5th at Linda's Speedway this past Friday night, he started in position 14.  It is his first Top 5 this season.  Thanks to SPAR Engines - they did a rebuild for us in 2 days! (and it runs Great).

  Kids are the Future to our Sport - Everyone please try to take a kid to a race, get them involved in any type of dirt track racing - they will amaze you in what they learn and even what they can teach you.... to just have FUN in racing!
PANCHO's Racing Products

We have In Stock a Complete Line of HRP Trailer Products to outfit your Trailer for your Race Team.  From Wing Holders, Axle Racks, Shock Racks, Torsion Bar Racks, Funnel Holders, Cabinets, Radiator Holders, Header Racks, Tail Tank Racks, Axle Spacers and Gear Box Trays, Steering Holder - you name it - we have it for Open Wheel Race Cars and the Trailers!
PANCHO's Racing Products

Note: PANCHO's Racing Products is and always will be in business and going strong supporting our Sprint Car, Open wheel, and Late Model Customers - We Have it In Stock!

Pancho has a Second New business Venture as we have become an Authorized SUZUKI Motorcycle and ATV Dealer.  The name of the business is... "Pancho's Suzuki of Hanover"  We are a Full Service dealership that services all brands of motorcycles and ATV's and we have a Full Line of 2016 Suzuki Motorcycles, Cruisers, Scooters, and King Quads IN STOCK!  Check out our FaceBook page or our website.
PANCHO's SUZUKI of Hanover   (717)-646-1005
PANCHO's Racing Products  (717)-646-0090



PANCHO's Racing Products

Billet Brake Caliper
Left Front or Outboard Brake Caliper from Wilwood, 1.75" pistons
$ 89.99

Superlight S.S.  Brake KIT
10.50" Stainless Steel rotor kit, very light, great braking power, radial mount caliper - comes with everything to mount and use this brake set up.
$ 665.00
PANCHO's Racing Products

2017 Brand New From PANCHO's
"The XXX Black Out KIT"

Brand New Triple X 87/40 Wedge Chassis, complete Fiberglass Body Kit, Black powdercoated Floor Pan, Black Powdercoated Radiator Kick Up Pan, Complete Black Out Wing Upright KIT (Black T post set, Black Rear wing Tree, Black front wing Post, and Black Front Wing rear straps), AND a SET of a Top WING and Front WING Powdercoated!  "wings can be any standard color, Black or White Body" - Yes the Chassis IS Powdercoated !!!
$ 3,990.00
 Regular Price ...$4,364.25

PANCHO's Racing Products

2017 Brand New From PANCHO's

Brand New Triple X 87/40  - 1" raised rail Chassis, plus a Stainless Steel Front Bumper, Steel DriveLine Hoop, Steel Weld in Halo bar (given to you loose), and Triple XXX Hats, Frame Decals, and Money Clip to hold all of your extra money you saved by buying this kit!
Limited Time "Season Kick OFF"

PANCHO's Racing Products
2017 XXX
Wedge Car Frame & Body 'plus' KIT

The BEST PERFORMING CHASSIS in the Country is In Stock at PANCHO's!  The Triple XXX 87/40 Wedge chassis and over the rail Body KIT and We also STOCK the KIT with the Inside the Rail Body with a fiberglass dash. BLACK or WHITE Body - Clean Air, Dual Duct, Inside Rail - WE HAVE THEM ALL IN STOCK!  We want our customers to be successful on the track!  This "Wedge Frame & Body KIT" Includes:  87/40 Triple X Wedge Chassis, 1" raised rail, safety cage on left side, straight bar on the right, Aluminum Floor Pan with header sides, Aluminum Front Roll Pan air deflector, Complete over the rail Fiberglass Body Kit (nose, hood, aluminum hood plates, lower radius rod covers, Left safety cage arm guard, Right side Arm Guard), and a Stainless Steel Front Bumper!  PLUS a  Weld In Halo, Steel Driveline Hoop, and the XXX Garb - Free Hats, Frame Decals, money clips, Set Up Sheets.
PANCHO's Racing Products

2016 Pancho's ROLLER KIT includes: Triple X 'WEDGE' 87/40 chassis - powder coated, complete fiberglass body, radiator tray and air scoop, WELD front NBL wheels, WELD Left Rear & Right rear beadlock wheels, FuelSafe 28 gallon tail tank assembly, Black aluminum 15" steering wheel with Q/R hub, KSE Gen2 half box steering unit, KSE HPD p/s pump, BRMS steering lines, Black angle broached pitman arm, Black steering locator w/ built in MPD fuel on/off valve, 1/2 box mount in black,  hydraulic wing cylinder with wing valve black hose kit, black adjustable wing tree, Black T Posts, Black front wing posts & rear straps, Chalk Stix torsion bars (4), Black AllStar Performance Front & Rear Torsion Arms with (2) steel moly hardened heims, (4) Steel torsion stops, (8) Zemco plastic torsion bushings, Complete CAR KIT Black radius rods/ black aluminum heim ends/ thin steel jam nuts, complete black out Front Axle Assembly, Wilwood LF & Inboard Brake calipers with poly matrix pads, Pancho's custom soft brake line kit, Black 32mm birdcage set, Wilwood inboard brake rotor with floater bracket and spacer, Winters Blacked out 4.12 long spline rear end with black axle nuts, steel torque ball housing and ball with aluminum torque tube and steel hollow drive shaft, rear lightweight aluminum motor plate black, full Grade 8 Pancho's Car Bolt Kit for assembly, Stainless Steel Bumper kit (rear, nerf set, front bumper), Brake Pedal, gas pedal, master cylinder with brake spring kit, 2 gauge set (water & oil) in a dzus in panel, Black W Link assembly, In line #12an fuel filter, aluminum floor pan and dash, Aeroquip #6, 8, &12 AN Fuel lines for entire cockpit and the AN Fittings to put on the in cockpit lines, Ultra Shield Set of 5 point seat belts, draglink w/ heims, drag link tether, black shifter & cable.
This ROLLER KIT only does not include tires, shocks, seat, radiator.


$ 16,500.00

Regular Price of $17,244.25
PANCHO's Racing Products

PANCHO's New line of Hats!

The New Line of Hats start at $18.99 for the Trucker style mesh backed hats and the Classic "Pancho's Blue" caps.  Our New Signature Series Hats with Flames & Scallops for $24.00
New for 2015 is the addition of our "Camo" cap - this thing is very cool, featuring a 'RealTree' camo design with velcro back enclosure.  Camo/ Real Tree Hat....$24.00
PANCHO's Racing Products

PANCHO's Racing Products
Weld Black Out Wheel kit, New style Engine cover plates, Top Flight Black Out Wings, Black Out Radius Rod car kit, Black Wing Mount Kit, and the Black Bumper kit. 

 "Black Out" Sprint Car

Above you can see the New "Engine Covers" Kit

PANCHO's Racing Products

YES we do STOCK Triple X Chassis! 
We have Yours In STOCK in our Retail STORE!
Support your Local DEALER

PANCHO's Racing Products

USED Sprint Car Parts Super Store - with the Inventory to Back it up!

We have the Largest New & Used Sprint Car SuperStore in the Country - stop in to see what has made PANCHO's the #1 Sprint Car Connection!

PANCHO's Racing Products

Here is a look at the cockpit of a Sprinter.
Brown & Miller Hoses, Kinsler Tuff Pump, Titanium Gas Pedal, KSE Gen2 Black steering unit & HPD Black pump, XXX Lightweight Blackout rear motor plate, Smith Titanium Motor bolts, Blackout Heel riser, Winters steel Torque Ball assembly w/ coated ball, Winters Blackout 61 Torque Tube, Waterman Fuel Valve with XXX Steering bracket.