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2017 Pancho's MBH Chassis


2017 Pancho's MBH Chassis

2017 PANCHO's MBH Race Cars -  These new Pancho's MBH cars are different - they are available in standard dom tubing and in the new Dolcol tubing, they have welded on rear shock mounts, will have welded in Fuel Cell mounts with ATL Black Widow Cells that are legal with all racing series in the country, utilize bearing A-Arms with a front end that steers in the slick.  The cars will be In Stock, Parts are In Stock, Set Ups are given to you, tech help is here, Shocks and springs Dyno's are In House, and most of all - these cars Work and they are affordable. 
Cars start at $8,200.00 which includes the New Chassis powder coated, complete driver cockpit installed and complete lowered deck installed!
  Call for more details.

PRICE is .....$8,200.00




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Brand New 2017 XR-1 Rocket For Sale
Details: 2017 XR-1 Rocket Chassis with Full Factory Rocket Built body, tub HD Deck, Deck Doors, MD3 Nose and Rockers, Brake lines with 3 wheel shut off, Flex Brake lines also, master disconnect, Silver Driver Cockpit, Blue Deck and body - Red roof and windows, RED MD3 Rockers,  Complete XR1 Rocket Factory Body w/ powder coated body braces, XR1 Complete front suspension with Wilwood Black out Front Hubs, Rem Coated Bearings and races,  Howe Bearing uppers, Howe Extreme Ball joints, all Auroura heims on car, Wilwood LW pedals and mastercylinders, Coleman bearing gas pedal, all hardware and Rocket Bolt kits,  Billet J-Bar, 1 hole slide mount,  Lift Bar, 5th coil kit, 6th coil kit, Battery cables, Quick Car Switch Panel, Sweet Power Steering rack and tie rods, fan shroud and radiator mount kit. Shifter handle kit Call for more details, entire car Brand New.  No Trades.

CALL for Pricing or Quote  - ANY COLOR



"Brand New Design"

NEW Rocket "XR-1" in action at Volusia Speedway in February!

2017 Rocket "XR-1" Frame & Body Kit Includes:
2017 "Rocket XR1 Chassis", rear bumper, front bumper, side spiders, door bar,  - ALL Powder coated, Full Driver Cockpit/ tub - installed by Rocket, Complete Deck Kit with extra bent Heavy Duty Option, Aluminum Angle Bracing Kit for the deck, Complete Rocket Aero Body - Fenders, Doors, Quarters, Hood, MD3 composite Roof and leader, Aero Windows and pillars, 2 pc rear spoiler, MD3 Front Nose Kit with lower Valance, MD3 lower rockers, Lightweight Body Brace Kit, and Spring Steel- ALL INSTALLED! Coleman Bearing Adjustable Gas Pedal, Wilwood Brake Pedal dual setup - with 2 Wilwood Mastercylinders, Wilwood Clutch Pedal with Wilwood mastercylinder with Clutch hose kit, 3 Wheel Brake shutoff with in cockpit switch, full hard brake lines, and (4) Flexlines for calipers - ALL is Installed by Rocket!
From................................$ call

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FULL "XR-1" ROLLER...........$ 39,500.00

The XR-1 in Victory Lane in 2016 with Josh Richards !

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 2017 Rocket Blue Front Chassis & Deck KIT
 This car comes like this: Black Powder Coated 2017 brand new Rocket Chassis with front & rear bumper, side door spiders and door bar, rear deck bar, front deck bar - all powder coated black. Drivers TUB in flat black - installed. Rocket Black complete Deck Kit installed with Heavy Duty option. This car also had the Wilwood Brake pedal, clutch pedal with the brake lines installed with Wilwood mastercylinders(3) and includes the 3 wheel brake shut off, also has the in cockpit brake adjuster. Car is IN STOCK Now!  This car is one of the first 2017 Rockets built - we can add anything you need.
PRICE........................... $ 9,195.00


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2017 Blue Front End ROCKET Chassis 

2017 ROCKET Chassis KIT
Includes: 2016 Rocket Chassis, Front bumper& front 2pc rod supports, Rear Bumper, Side door bar, Set of door spiders, battery box, removable rear under slung, Front Deck Bar, Rear Deck Bar
PRICE................$ 5,995.00

Raised Front Crossmember

Taller Roll Cage Height

2 Piece Rear Spoiler with crush right side panel


Engine Compartment of the Blue Front End ROCKET


2017 Rocket Cockpit
Sweet collapsible shaft, thick tunnel for leg protection - Get yours in silver, black, white, or chrome!


     Pancho's Racing Products       Rocket Chassis       Mastersbilt 'Pancho's MBH' Chassis    



$ call

  Chromoly Rocket Chassis - with new Crossmember  


2017.ROCKET.Blue.Front Frame.&.Body.KIT
 $ call
  Chromoly Rocket Chassis - Blue Front End 2017 1
  PANCHO's Discount  1
  Driver Cockpit - Tub assembly 1
  Deck KIT - (all colors) 1
  Deck Aluminum Support Kit/ braces 1
  Rocket "Body Kit" 1
  Heavy Duty DECK Option 1
  Chassis Powder Coated & Stress Relieved 1
  Rocket Spring Steel "Car Kit" - single 1
  Body Brace Lightweight Aluminum Kit 1
  MD3  Nose Kit w new style fenders (colors) 1
  MD3 Lower Valence KIT (4pc) 1
  Plastic Rockers -  (car needs 3) 1
  Rocket Rear Spoiler - style w/ crush panel RR 1
Roof w/ leader - choice of color for roof 1
  Labor for Body shop - install complete body and tub 1
  Not Having Body & Tub Installed, you install -$ 500.00 1
  Upper A Arm - Keyser 11.25" Left Front $ 65.00 1
  Upper A Arm - Keyser 8.25" Right Front $ 65.00 1
  Blue Front Spindle - RIGHT $ 249.99 1
  Blue Front Spindle - LEFT $ 249.99 1
  Blue Car Lower Control Arm - RIGHT $ 129.99 1
  Blue Car Lower Control Arm - LEFT $ 129.99 1
  Howe Upper Screw In Precision Ball Joint Left or Right $ 78.00 2
  Howe Lower Screw In Precision Ball Joint Left or Right $ 83.00 2
  Sweet Steering Rack for Blue Front Car - 220 servo & hoses $ 995.00 1

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NEW ROCKET 2017 Blue front End Chassis
     Pancho's Racing Products       Rocket Chassis       Mastersbilt 'Pancho's MBH' Chassis